Towards empowerment of the Adivasi community of Assam to design a progressive future.

The Injot Approach

For any community that has been historically disenfranchised, we need to address traumas of the past, identify and address issues of the present, and empower its members to build a better future. Injot’s three-fold program approach is a journey that starts with healing of trauma that is both historic, as well as (socio-economic and political) system induced. True empowerment, we believe can only happen when we address emotional challenges alongside intellectual, physical and economic needs.


The community needs healing from historic trauma and that of extreme marginalisation. Our effort will be to conduct various intervention programs that focus on self awareness, conflict resolution, group development and community leadership.


Education is the backbone of any community. Injot intends to work in the field of education by setting up children and youth learning centres, by organising exposure programs for children and youth, running adult education programs, political, legal and financial literacy programs and human rights awareness programs.


Empowerment is the end goal of Injot’s interventions. We envisage empowerment through right information, right exposure and appropriate training. Economic empowerment is sought to be achieved by facilitating government schemes, and conducting entrepreneurship, livelihood, employability, legal, and financial training.

Our Impact


Injot works in four areas for community development and mobilisation – education, livelihood, gender and relief. We are presently working in two districts of Assam – Kamrup Metropolitan district and Kokrajhar district. We intend to expand to more districts as we progress. Under the umbrella of Injot Education we have started three Learning Centres for  marginalised children who have been left out of the education system because of the pandemic. We also provide training and mentorship to community youth through workshops and Sanghe Urab – a mentorship program for Adivasi youth of Assam. Besides that we are working on alternative livelihood solutions for the community by becoming a bridge between the government and the people. 

Volunteering Opportunity

Volunteering Positions Available: Volunteer Facilitator/Teacher

If you are enthusiastic about teaching/facilitating and would like to volunteer a few hours a week to support marginalised children and adults, get in touch with us to be a volunteer teacher. Classes for children take place in the mornings or in the afternoon. Adult Education classes will be carried out in the evenings. Currently for our Amsing Learning Centre in Kamrup Metropolitan district, we are also taking classes through WhatsApp video calls. Teachers of all age groups and all subjects are needed. We also have an opening for a person with good documentation and communication skills as a Volunteer Coordinator.

Sanghe Urab

Injot’s Sanghe Urab is a mentorship program for Adivasi Youth of Assam. Sanghe Urab means ‘Let’s Fly Together’ in Sadri language – the lingua franca of Adivasis in Assam. With this program our intention is to provide guidance and mentor Adivasi youth who want to fulfil their personal goals as well as those who want to work towards solving problems faced by marginalised communities.


  • Self Awareness and Emotional Intelligence: Exploring aspects of identity, navigating emotions, conflict management and peacebuilding, with an understanding of indigenous heritage and wisdom
  • Problem Solving: Training to think critically and taking a constructive approach to solving problems
  • Leadership: Understanding skills, styles and attitudes, and need of leadership in personal and community life
  • Social Justice: Understanding the landscape, learning the vocabulary, laws, and exploring tools and strategies
  • Professional Development: Building employability skills, enterprise, networking and growth

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