Sanghe Urab is a mentorship program for Adivasi Youth of Assam. Sanghe Urab means ‘Let’s Fly Together’ in Sadri language – the lingua franca of Adivasis in Assam. With this program our intention is to provide guidance and mentor Adivasi youth who want to fulfil their personal goals as well as those who want to work towards solving problems faced by marginalised communities.

The goal of the project is to provide mentorship and intervention in a constructive and phase wise manner, for educated adivasi youth of Assam – something they have rarely received in a comprehensive manner. We plan to transform it into an annual program through which we reach out to an increased number of adivasi youth to empower them to design a progressive future for themselves. The end-goal is to create a sense of confidence in the youth to become change-makers of their community and get equipped to find solutions to issues they face both individually and the community at large. 

This multi-lingual program is conducted in English, Hindi, Assamese and Sadri, and we encourage our participants to speak in their native Adivasi languages like Mundari, Kharia, Kurukh, Santhali and others. 

The four month program consists of four phases – the first three phases are conducted online ,and it concludes with a 3 day residential program.

Sanghe Urab is facilitated by experienced facilitators who work with vulnerable communities and have mentored youth across the world, facilitators from the Adivasi community who introduced the participants to the rich heritage of Adivasi culture. and senior officials from the Indian Administrative Services who can provide an in-depth insight on various subjects specific to the Adivasi community of Assam.

Our first Cohort of 40 participants from across Assam includes students, teachers, social development professionals, educated unemployed youth, aspiring entrepreneurs, aspiring civil service candidates and community organisers amongst others. 

Injot extends our gratitude to everyone who has been associated with Sanghe Urab in various capacities; our facilitators, our individual donors, Principal Sponsor State Bank of India and Co-sponsor OIL India Limited whose support made Sanghe Urab 2021 possible.

Memories from Sanghe Urab 2021 (Residential)

PHASE 1 (5 sessions)


PHASE 2 (5 sessions)

Vocabulary, Tools & Strategies

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PHASE 3 (5 sessions)


PHASE 4 (residential)


Concluding Sessions

Understanding Conflict

Phase 3 (Career Goals and Employability)

Prioritisation & Goalsetting

Phase 3 (Career Goals and Employability)

Fundamentals of Communication

Phase 3 (Career Goals and Employability)

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