Injot Relief

Injot’s work started with our founder Director Anjali Tirkey leading a relief program (March 2020 to September 2020) in Kokrajhar, Karbi-Anglong, Golaghat, Udalguri, Sonitpur, Baksa, Kamrup Metro, Lakhimpur and Kamrup Rural district for people who had lost their livelihood during the nation-wide lockdown due to the CoronaVirus pandemic. Initially it was done with partnership with other NGOs and organisations, and later under the banner of Injot. Ration kits and sanitation material was provided to over 7000 households. We continued our relief work even in the second wave of the pandemic. 

Distribution of Winter Clothes

Through partnerships with Prerana – IAS Officers’ Wives’ Association and Central Bank of India, Guwahati, and through a donation drive, Injot collected and distributed sweaters and socks to about 150 students and all the volunteers/facilitators of the learning centres in Kokrajhar and Kamrup Metro districts to brave the winters. 

First Wave Relief

During first wave most of the relief facilitated and implemented by our Founder Director were done through various organisations as Injot was still in the process of getting officially registered. However, distributions in Udalguri, North Lakhimpur and DC Aid for beneficiaries in Kamrup Metro were done under the banner of Injot Trust. Dry ration was distributed to about 300 families who did not have ration cards and job cards, in the remote villages of Udalguri district. Gratuitous Relief was distributed to 120 families from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds who were in severe distress due to the pandemic and ongoing floods in the region, in Kamrup Metropolitan District and various locations in Guwahati (Bhetapara, Ambari, Amionagar, Gitanagar and Hatigaon). In Addition to that we supported NGO PAD (People’s Action for Development) by providing 100 survival food packets for 100 families in Lakhimpur district. 

Second Wave Relief

Injot Trust facilitated distribution of dry ration packets to 119 families in 10th Mile Amsing Jorabat, Kamrup Metro. The packets were provided by Ms. Dorothy Suchiang and her friends. The packets contained rice, potato, onion, mustard oil, dal, salt, biscuit packet and soap. Later another 100 families were provided with the same dry ration kit in Chandrapur block of Amsing Jorabat. 

" Because that's what kindness is. It's not doing something for someone else because they can't, but because you can. "
Andrew Iskander